2014 US Open Class Nationals


A ten- (or seven-) day soaring contest that took place at and around Montague, California in late June and early July of 2014. Reported as observed from the rear seat of JOY, a Schempp-Hirth Nimbus-3DM two-seat open class glider. The pilot was Mike Robison of State College, PA.

Table of Contents

Sectional map with 2014 US Open Class Nationals turnpoints marked


Simulated view of my Google Glass app showing a FLARM display

First practice day

Safety meeting and briefing on day -1 of the 2014 US Open Class Nationals

Second practice day

Steve Leonard's Nimbus 3 thermals with our Nimbus 3DM

First contest day

Putting away the horizontal tail

No flying!

Low water at Shasta Lake

Still no flying!

Picking up JOY at the end of Day 3

Second contest day

Craggy peaks in the Marble Mountains

Third contest day

A tight turn on course over Montague Airport-Yreka Rohrer Field

Fourth contest day

Crew and Mike check out Crater Lake

No flying!

Day 8 at Montague

Fifth contest day

Sixth contest day

Sixth contest day

Seventh contest day

Seventh contest day

Conclusion (still to be written)

Conclusion (still to be written)

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