Cross USA nonstop

Check the SPOT/APRS links, folks. Looks like we’re set to make this cross-USA trip a nonstop run (except for gas stops, and a trailer tire that went flat just west of Evanston, WY).

Hours ago:




PS: Special thanks to Big-O Tires of Evanston, WY for getting us back on the road so quickly.

Also: had a chance to look at the Day 9 video, and it looks cool. This one captures the flight all the way from task start to landing (although the lens is obscured a bit at the beginning—ah well!).

Day 7 at Minden

Today’s weather was low and slow, allowing for plenty of dramatic images and video of rocks.

Shadow of JOY on Mount Patterson

If only I had held the camera for a profile shot—you would have been able to see all of JOY’s shadow on Mount Patterson, not just half. Ah well.

Luckily, my video camera was working today. To see some of what I recorded, read on… Continue reading

Rest day!

After six intense days of flying, the contest organizers decided to declare Monday a rest day. So, naturally, team JOY went on a three hour drive down to Yosemite to see it from the ground. Here are some photos I took with my Android phone’s built-in panorama functionality, which admittedly isn’t the very best. Click to enlarge if you want.

1. Descending north on 395, a viewpoint overlooking Mono Lake:

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Day 2 at Minden: YouTube video!

At last—here is an overview video of Day 2 at Minden! We’ve been flying with a GoPro camera suction-cupped to the canopy, and occasionally it manages to work. On a four hour task, it can just barely capture the whole thing before we land.

That’s a lot of video, so I wrote a program that pulls out three second clips from every two minutes of footage, then joins them together. You can spot all kinds of interesting stuff in this summary video: soaring near virga, Mono Lake, the Sierra Crest, and more. Enjoy!

With luck, I’ll have another video like this one for today’s task.